Titration is a simple technique but there’s an element that can drastically affect your results – the human element.

Human error is possible any time the analyst weighs the sample, reads a glass buret or performs sample preparation steps.  Understanding how to improve weighing, assess the risk of using manual burets and integrate sample preparation will help control the impact of human error and increase the accuracy of your results.

Register to join our free, interactive titration seminar series to see demonstrations on proper weighing technique, learn tips for integrating sample preparation and understand how to remove human error from both potentiometric and Karl Fischer techniques.  Include your specific challenges at registration so we can get the most out of our live discussion.

Lunch and certificate of course completion are provided. 

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Dates and Locations:

9/11   Edison, NJ

9/18   Raleigh, NC

9/25   Houston, TX (Morning Session – Waitlist Only)

9/25   Houston, TX (Afternoon Session)

10/1   Chicago, IL

10/9   San Francisco, CA



• Influence of operators and environment on weighing results
• Importance and impact of balance calibration and service

• Increasing titration accuracy and avoiding human error with proper bench technique
• Tips and new technology to integrate into your titration system

11:30 – Noon
Open Q&A

Noon – 1pm
Wrap-up, certificate presentation, lunch

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Come with questions, leave with answers and confidence. We strive to make our training relevant, with real-world applications, providing you information you can take home to use in your lab. Training is offered in our Tampa, Florida headquarters and our Houston, Texas and Fountain Valley, California regional offices.